Saturday, March 10, 2012

History in the Making!

Hello Teachers,

We have all heard of the Common Core.  It has been a "buzz" word for many years now.  It is a reality in a few states right now and will be a reality for the majority of states in the next two years.  So, how did this all come about?  Why this HUGE revolutionary change in education? 

The answers to these questions are lengthy!!  Below I have posted links that will take you to expert sites that will hopefully answer all the questions you may have about the shift to the Common Core.

This is such an exciting time in education!  We will all have a major part in this revolutionary change.  A change for the better...a change for our children!

Welcome to the future!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Introducing the CCSS to Parents

As teachers and administrators, exploring the Common Core Standards and their affect on our students is our first priority.  To the parents of these students, understanding the Common Core and how it will be used to improve the education of their children is vital.  Below are resources that can be used to help our school parents understand the Common Core and support us in this transition.

Parent Guide to the CCSS - Available in English and Spanish by the National PTA

Spotlight on the Common Core State Standards - What Do Parents Need to Know?

California's K-8 CCSS Handbook