Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some ELA Resources for CC

Happy August!

I can hardly believe the summer is coming to a close!  I think like most of you I have spent the better part of my summer researching resources on the CCSS.  For the 2012-2013 school year my school is focusing on implenting the ELA of the CC.  I found some resources that I felt were worth sharing.  I hope they will be helpful to you!

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Lesson Plans:

  • Read Works Lesson Plans - FREE site that not only provides reading lessons based on CC standards, but also has a great resource for non-fiction reading options.

Close Reading Resources:

21st Century Skills & Common Core

Literacy Design
Text Complexity
  • ELA & Literacy Resources - This resource is from the state of Kansas.  Scroll down about halfway and you will find a list of literature than has already been reviewed for text complexity.  Click on the title and you will taken to a diagram of the complexity of the book and grade level recommendation.

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