6-12 Literacy in Sci, SS, Tech Subjects

Lesson Tools


Social Studies

Science and Technical Subjects
  • Literacy in CTAE Lesson plans and videos to help incorporate reading and writing instruction into CTAE.
  • Strategy Alignment Strategies for teaching each of the science and technical subject literacy standards. Created in partnership between the Oconee River GYSTC and Northeast Georgia RESA - 2012
  • The Natural Inquirer The Natural Inquirer is a FREE middle school science education journal that contains real research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.
  • Science News For Kids The name says it all, “Science News for Kids.” You can save and download articles as PDF files!
  • BBC News: Science and Environment Current science news articles that are short in length, but high in quality.
  • Discovery Science Part of the CCGPS Science Literacy Standards requires students to compare information from different resources, including videos. Discovery has wonderful, up-to-date science videos.
  • NASA News Current articles, blog posts, videos, webinars and lessons from NASA.
  • Science Daily An aggregator of science research, updated daily.
  • Earth Observatory Articles, blogs, videos, and photographs about the planet Earth
  • E! Science News Popular Science news articles.
  • Close Reading - Gr 6-8
  • Close Reading - Gr 9-12

Writing Resources/Samples
Literacy in SS, Science, Tech Subject – Student Writing Samples
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September Regional Day Prezi


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