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Common Core State Standards: Where Does Differentiation Fit? (ASCD)

Recorded June 6, 2012
Curriculum, assessment, and instruction create a system of interdependent parts. Bring the standards and curriculum to life by using differentiated instruction methodologies to maximize the capacity of each learner. By the end of this webinar, presented by Carol Ann Tomlinson and Sherida Britt, participants will be able to
  • explain why common core calls for attention to student differences.
  • determine the ways differentiation supports the instructional shifts of the common core.
Link to Webinar: CCSS and Differentiation

Handout 1: ELA Anchor Standards Lesson, Grade 8
Handout 2: Literacy Model
Handout 3: Math Module
Webinar Slides Handout

Meeting Standards by Design: Embedding Standards in the UbD™ Framework for Curriculum, Assessment, and Learning (ASCD)

Recorded May 23, 2012
Standards are like building codes: you have to meet them, but they are not the point of the design. The point of a curriculum is to honor both the school’s mission and important learning goals. So, a course or unit should provide rich, engaging, and rigorous ways of meeting the Common Core State Standards and assessing against them, not merely touch on related content. Grant Wiggins will present this thought-provoking and practical webinar, providing practical strategies to ensure that the standards are validly addressed in an engaging, effective, and robust curriculum.

Link to Webinar: Embedding Standards in the Framework for Curriculum, Assessment, and Learning

Webinar Slides Handout

Transitioning to the Common Core State Standards: Making Your Efforts Effective Through a Focus on Text Complexity Demands (ASCD)

Recorded May 9, 2012
How do the Common Core English language arts standards differ from their predecessors? What do they emphasize? What are logical focus points for early implementation? The English and language arts standards depart radically from their predecessors with their insistence on text complexity and close reading skills.
This session, presented by David Liben from Student Achievement Partners, offered a look at various aspects of text complexity: how it is defined by the standards, as well as a range of measurement tools—including some newly developed and tested by the Race to the Text project—and how to use the tools for professional development. The focus on text complexity, close reading, and informational text has clear education implications as well.
The presenter will examine some strategic focus areas for literacy instruction and explore ideas for bringing all constituencies to a fuller understanding of the Common Core standards and the features that make text complex.

Link to Webinar: Text Complexity Demands

Resources for Webinar:
Handout 1: Qualitative Features
Handout 2: Qualitative Demands
Handout 3: Qualitative Measures Rubric
Text Complexity Webinar Slides


CCSS ELA:  Changes in ELA Lesson Presentation

CCSS for Mathematics: Shifts and Instructional Implications  (ASCD)

Recorded April 17, 2012
During this session, participants will learn about the overarching priorities of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics. Alberti will discuss the major instructional shifts required by the standards, including the evidence behind the shifts. These same shifts will be represented in both consortia assessments. Additionally, Alberti will present a few recommendations regarding how to introduce changes in a thoughtful, concrete way to prepare both teachers and students for full implementation of the standards

Link to Webinar: CCSS Mathematics: Shifts and Instructional Implications


Presentation Handouts

Handout 1: Key Instructional Shifts

Handout 2: Mathematical Shifts


Common Core Assessment Shifts (ASCD)   

Susan Brookhart
Recorded April 3, 2012
Discover the kinds of formative and summative classroom assessments that best coordinate with the new generation of testing consortia for the Common Core State Standards.

Link to Assessment Webinar: Common Core Assessment Shifts


Presentation Handouts

Supplemental Handouts


Creating Communities of Support for Implementing the CCSS  (ASCD)

John Kendall
Recorded March 13, 2012
You don’t have to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) alone! District, school, and classroom personnel can collaborate and create communities of support toward successful implementation. In this webinar, Judy Carr will provide specific protocols and processes that attendees can use immediately


Creating a Community of Support Handouts

CCSS Publisher's Criteria for K-2

Protocal for K-2 ELA Materials Review

CCSS Configuration Map


The Common Core of a Whole Child Approach  (ASCD)

Molly McCloskey
Recorded November 22, 2011
Too often, high standards and a whole child approach are seen as opposite ends of the education spectrum. In this webinar, Molly McCloskey debunks the myth of standards versus support and shares the relationship between the Common Core State Standards and a school improvement approach that ensures each child, in each school, in each community, is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Webinar link: Common Core of a Whole Child
The CC of the Whole Child Presentation Handouts

ASCD Common Core Resources


Common Core Policy and Implementation  (ASCD)

About the Presenters
David Griffith is ASCD’s director of public policy. He leads the association’s efforts to influence education decision making at the local, state, and federal levels and the development and implementation of ASCD's Legislative Agenda.
As ASCD’s lead strategist for the Common Core State Standards, Efrain Mercado engages with states and districts to help identify, develop, and disseminate practical tools and resources for educators to use in implementing the standards at the local level.
David GriffithEfrain MercadoRecorded November 15, 2011
ASCD Director of Public Policy David Griffith shares in-depth information about the various effects the adoption of the Common Core State Standards have had on education policy from the Department of Education down to the school district level.

Webinar link: Common Core Policy and Implementation


Policies and Implementation Handouts

Common Core 101 (ASCD)

John Kendall
Recorded November 8, 2011
Now that the Common Core State Standards are coming to just about every school, what every school leader needs is a straightforward explanation that lays out the benefits of the common core in plain English and gets everyone thinking about how to transition to this promising new paradigm.

Webinar link: Common Core 101

Common Core 101 Handouts

Next Generation Science Standards

Status of the Common Standards in Social Studies

Common Core Standards and the English Language Learner

K-12 Assessment and Performance Management

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career

SMARTER Balanced Assessment Cosortium