Unit Plan for CC

We received our Unit Plan from the Diocese a few weeks ago (Diocese of Orlando, Office of Schools).  I began researching resources to help the teachers not only complete the Unit Plan, but to make the Unit Plan work for them.  

A unit plan is like a large umbrella.  It gives you an overview of what you plan to accomplish.  The unit plan focuses on the standards that will be incorporated thematically through daily lessons.  Lesson plans are aligned to the unit creating a staircase instructional effect, so that the learners will have multiple opportunities to develop and apply the skills and concepts.  

Below you will find resources to help you create a CCSS focused unit plan.

Essential Understanding

  • This can be in the form of the essential question or in "I Can" statements.

  • Use Bloom's Digital Taxonomy to help you develop Essential Questions/I Can statements.

  • I Can Statements:

    • Turn the objective into a kid friendly "I can" statement for the students: "I can add", "I can read words with /ai/, /ay/", etc.;
    • Before each lesson talk about the "I can" statement and why what they are learning is important;
    • To add excitement for younger grades, ask "Can we do it?" And they can cheer back, "Yes we can!";
    • When closing the lesson refer back to the "I can" statement and ask them, "Did we do it?" Young students may respond: "Yes we did!"

    Post Assessment

    Academic Vocabulary

  • Three Tiers of Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary Instruction and Development for All

  • Activities

  • Activities That Promote Higher Order Thinking

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills

  • H.O.T.S.

  • Differentiation